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Residential Irrigation

Keeping your lawn and landscaping properly watered can seem like a never ending chore. If you're ready to ditch the hoses and forget about turning on and off sprinklers, let BC Hardscapes design and install a residential irrigation system that will keep your lawn looking great while saving you time and money.

A properly installed residential irrigation system is much more efficient that manual watering and conserves water by applying just the right amount of water to your lawn and other vegetation, saving you money. It won't under-water or over-water your lawn. A residential irrigation system from BC Hardscapes will save you time by automating the watering of your lawn and landscaping.

The first step in installing a residential irrigation system is to design the system, which must take into account your specific landscaping needs. BC Hardscapes will come to your home, evaluate and survey your property, note the location of the water source, determine the water pressure, and sit down with you to discuss your specific needs and desired outcome. BC Hardscapes will then design a residential irrigation system customized to your lawn. Part of this design is creating a zone watering system for your property. Zone watering allows your property to be divided into zone that will be watered at different times. Zone watering allows for better allocation of water pressure and enables targeting water distribution more precisely.

Depending on the size of your lawn, the type of grass, and the trees, shrubs, and landscaping beds on your property, we may recommend adding additional features such as drip irrigation zones, soil moisture sensors, and rain shut-off devices. A drip irrigation system is the most efficient way to water landscaping beds and gardens and minimizes evaporation and runoff. Soil moisture sensors and rain shut-off devices save you money by keeping the sprinklers off when the soil has enough moisture or if it is raining.

Irrigation Services

In addition to residential irrigation system installation, BC Hardscapes also offers the following residential irrigation services:

  • Spring System Start-Up – BC Hardscapes will check your residential irrigation system to make sure that it is working properly and that none of your components broke over the winter. We will check each zone for leaks, check each sprinkler head to ensure it is working and properly adjusted, set up the controller, and turn on the water.
  • Winter Blow Out – BC Hardscapes will blow out your irrigation system to rid all water from each zone of the system to prevent pipes and other components from freezing and causing damage. We will also make sure water is turned off to the system.
  • System Checks – BC Hardscapes recommends you have your residential irrigation system checked for proper functioning every two to three years. An unmaintained system can waste a significant amount of water.
  • Irrigation System Repair – BC Hardscapes can replace broken sprinkler heads and repair broken pipes, valves, leaks, controllers, and other components.

To schedule a free consultation or for more information about residential irrigation systems, call BC Hardscapes at 816-781-9234.

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