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The Meadows at Searcy Creek

The Meadows at Searcy Creek is a Kansas City community development that includes a Mormon temple, a meeting hall, housing, and an impressive landscape. As ground broke for the project in 2009, retaining walls were required to support structures on the hilly lot—plus screen the development from traffic noise.

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Bluffside Stabilization in Kansas City

The Briarcliff City Apartments sit high on a bluff in Kansas City, MO. The master-planned community offers residents fine views of downtown and the Missouri River valley. Apartment dwellers enjoy restaurants, shops, and trails located within walking distance of the residential apartment complex.

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BC Hardscapes Is The Proud Sponsor Of Mexico United Soccer Team!

SRW Resolves Erosion and Water Management Issues

BC Hardscapes constructed the walls using 3/4" clean gravel backfill with geogrid reinforcement. The back tier runs completely down to the bottom elevation, allowing it to sit on solid rock. The front tiers were added to soften the size of the single wall and provided space for additional landscaping. Construction was sequenced to avoid disrupting the heavy flow of traffic in and out of the complex.

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BC Hardscapes is proud to sponsor the KC Astros baseball team. Good luck this year boys!

Photography by: Robert G. Wiggs

Inside Track

When it comes to rock walls, BC Hardscapes LLC is one of the best and most respected retaining wall and interlocking pavestone businesses in the KC area. It is a family-owned business with twenty-one pieces of Bobcat Equipment and attachments - all purchases from KC Bobcat! They are located at 134 NE US 69 Highway, Claycomo, MO.

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MESA Retaining Wall Systems

Five foundation-improvement scenarios based on wall height were developed. Each involved removing at least five feet of overburden soil, sometimes to bedrock or shale, and then building up the foundation with well-graded aggregate and Tensar Uniaxial (UX) 1600 Geogrid (installed at 18in. about the subgrade).

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Geosynthetics Gain Momentum

B.C. Hardscapes brought in the Mesa Retaining Wall System and Tensar Uniaxial (UX) Geogrids from Tensar International. The UX Geogrids are manufactured using a punched-and-drawn method with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resins that resist impact loads from installation of the backfill. The HDPE resin also provides a highly inert material that is resistant to degradation in high-pH environments. These geogrids carry large tensile loads applied in one direction (along the roll), and their open aperture structure interlocks with natural fill materials.

Bleachers Built from Blocks!

The black sheet-like product placed behind the seat wall is a flat drain (12" tall x 3/4" thick) that BC Hardscapes used in place of the 6" drain tile used in the other bleachers. CL says, "It's a lot easier to install because you don't have to cut a trench in the middle of your gravel. You just put it on the back of your wall and put your gravel behind it. We'll watch to see which drainage method works out better over the years." The pavers are set about an inch below the seat cap to the front, so if a drink is spilled onto the pavers it won't run over the seat. At the back of each seat cap there's an inch gap filled with drainage aggregate that flows water to the flat drains.

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