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Landscape Drainage Solutions

Proper landscape drainage is critical for the aesthetics and safety of your property. Poor drainage can ruin your yard, drowning your grass and plants with too much water, causing erosion, and in some cases it can cause flooding, basement leaks, or other issues with your foundation. Many foundation problems can be resolved with positive water flow away from the foundation. It can also create a breeding ground for mosquitoes and mold. If you are experiencing drainage issues on your property, give the Kansas City landscape experts at BC Hardscapes a call. We can create the perfect landscape drainage solution for you.

There are several different types of landscape drainage solutions. The best one for your property depends on several factors including the slope of your property, the slope of adjacent properties, the type of soil on your property, and existing drainage issues. The landscape drainage experts at BC Hardscapes can evaluate your property to determine which solution is best for your particular issue, while ensuring that it will be both aesthetic and functional.

Types of Landscape Drainage Solutions

French Drains are small sub-grade reservoirs filled with gravel or rock that collect and redirect surface and groundwater away from your foundation or other areas of your property. A perforated pipe is then placed in the bottom of the reservoir in order to allow water to seeps down through the rock and into the pipe. This allows us to re-locate the excessive amount of water to another location. This landscape drainage solution works well in cases where adjacent property sits higher than yours, allowing water to run down the slope and collect on your property.


Drainage Swales are broad, vegetated channels that allow water to run off to a desire location. Drainage swales can be effective alternatives to enclosed storm sewers and lined channels to quickly move water away from developed areas.

Downspout Extensions are designed to divert water from the roof away from your foundation and landscaped areas to prevent flooding, re-locating mulch and/or pooling of water. This method of landscape drainage does not completely remove the excess water from your property. Instead it moves it from a problem area to an alternate area where the excess water can be used. A downspout extension should extend at least past the landscape bed, typically 8 to 10 feet from your foundation.

Dry Creek Beds are stone-lined channels or gullies that resemble natural watercourses. They allow rain water to flow over a mixture of stones and boulders. The water slowly seeps into the ground between the rocks without washing them away. Dry creek beds can include plants, stepping stones, waterfalls, and bridges, creating an attractive feature for your yard. Dry creek beds are attractive, low-maintenance solutions in water-soaked areas.

Surface Drains are some of the most commonly used drains. Surface drains are designed to collect water lying on the surface and drain it into a catch basin where debris is filtered out before it flows into a piping system. In some cases this landscape drainage system can be connected to a water collection tank, allowing you to reuse the water on your landscaping. Surface drains can be used in planters, lawns, patios or anywhere else with standing water.

Don't let your landscape drainage solution be unattractive, hire a landscaping company like BC Hardscapes to help you create a landscape drainage solution that is both functional and attractive! Give the landscaping experts at BC Hardscapes a call at 816-781-9234 to schedule a free design consultation and estimate.

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