Commercial Pavers

Brick pavers are a great, low maintenance way to add aesthetic appeal and sophistication to your commercial hardscape project. The Kansas City hardscape design experts at BC Hardscapes have the expertise to handle commercial paver installation projects of all sizes and for all types of businesses, including restaurants, hotels, office parks, government agencies, retail outlets and more.

Pavers make a great addition to all types of commercial hardscape projects, including:

  • Parking Lots / Steps
  • Sidewalks
  • Medians
  • Courtyards and Plazas
  • Green Roofs
  • Permeable Applications

Pavers offer a more attractive alternative to plain concrete hardscaping. With a variety of shapes, textures, and color to choose from, BC Hardscapes can incorporate creative designs and patterns into your paver project, making your hardscape stand out from the competition.

Pavers Are Durable and Require Little Maintenance

Permeable pavers provide storm water infiltration while serving as a structural surface. As precipitation falls on pavement it infiltrates down thru the pavers and base rock, which consists of different sized aggregates. The water is filtered and slowly released into the surrounding soils. Permeable pavers can be used to eliminate detention ponds and therefore gain additional useable property. Permeable pavers also can be used to obtain LEED points for projects.

We have many pieces of equipment that are specialized to the industry including an Optimas H88 paving machine. This machine is used to mechanically install brick pavers and permeable brick pavers in large areas such as driveways, parking lots and streets.

BC Hardscapes has more than 20 years of experience with hardscape design and installation. With more than 40 employees and a fleet of specialized equipment, we have the manpower and tools to handle commercial paver installation projects of any scope.

Call BC Hardscapes at 816-781-9234 to get started on your commercial paver installation. We will create a paver hardscape design that will give your commercial property a professional and upscale appearance that will get your company noticed. BC Hardscapes is committed to completing your paver project on time and on budget.

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